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22 September 2019

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Novopelle Med Spa has the worst client’s service and I didn’t feel comfortable with the unfriendly staff at the offices and from what I needed of the company.
The poor management leads to the poorly qualified staff at Novopelle Med Spa.
I made an appointment for a massage and facial and got there five minutes earlier than the time of the appointment. I looked forward to the Spa treatment and felt good to treat myself to a massage and facial. In the time spent waiting for my turn, I observed the facility and wasn’t impressed with the uncleaned toilets and offices. This isn’t what I expected at Novopelle Med Spa.
The horrible attitude of the staff didn’t make my stay at the facility feel calm and relaxed. I waited for half an hour before I got called in for my massage and facial.
The massage didn’t feel from a professional and the different techniques of a massage is a mystery to the woman giving the massage. I felt uncomfortable and my body didn’t feel relaxed during the massage.
Novopelle Med Spa didn’t give the best performances in massages and facial treatment. I decided to try laser treatment for hair removal. The services are awful and unprofessional from all treatments to me.
I don’t appreciate the approach to laser treatment hair removal. The first session felt painful and sore and not my style. The unfriendly staff wasn’t informative and useful to give me what I needed from the company. They lack severely in providing customers with good quality services. I don’t think it’s okay for anyone to go there for a treatment.
I looked for the best of services and of the massaging, the facial and hair laser treatment session. Unfortunately, I didn’t experience top-notch service for the top-notch money I spent on these services.
The Spa treatment didn’t make me feel calm and relaxed and the facial treatment wasn’t pleasant. I had no idea of what to expect from Novopelle Med Spa. The facilities don’t have updated laser equipment and the unqualified doctors working with lasers is a risk to patients. I had gone through that risk. Other services from reception and teamwork gave me a negative response. They aren’t reliable in their services and give nothing good to patients from the Spa.
The facial treatment I tried gave me red spots on my face. I wasn’t satisfied with any of the treatments from Novopelle Med Spa. I won’t recommend the Spa of interest to others from the horrible management and of the poor planning and organization of appointments.
The laser treatment isn’t the best performed and patient care isn’t of value to the team. It is a shame to have bad services from the company. I noticed that the staff members weren’t informative of details of the company agreements on treatments. It was a disappointment to have gone through pain, and frustration at Novopelle Med Spa. They don’t deserve any positive feedback from my terrible experience.

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