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10 September 2019

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Don’t ever fall in their trap they try to lure innocent people like you as they did with me. North Rockville Dental is located in Rockville, Maryland and they claim to be a specialist in dental services such as cavity care, routine checkup and cleaning, root canal treatments, and so on. They also claim to have the best professionals and trained staff to treat their patients with care and have the latest equipment to take care of their patients but lately since my last visit I can’t see any of the quality services and all their claims are just a bunch of lies. I am a person who usually is concerned about his health and for regular checking contacted North Rockville Dental but was highly disappointed with them. Since the visit, it’s not been a single day when I have not faced pain in my teeth. I went there perfectly fine but upon the last visit, I have a regular complaint with my teeth. I usually have severe pain in my teeth which I can’t even bear. These bastards will have to pay for what they have done to me; I will make sure that I will recover every single penny which I have spent there. It all started with my appointment when I wanted to receive a regular checkup. As my family doctor was not available I had to consult another one. I read some reviews on Google and found North Rockville Dental. They had great reviews online and people were mostly satisfied with them and their services. So I booked an appointment with them believing that they are worth to pay for but regretted the decision later on.
The front desk staff showed attitude to me and had a rude behavior and he was less keen to solve my problems and guide me. The doctor was too unprofessional and he was rough with me, I think he pressed one of my vein in my mouth because he held my jawline so tightly and since then I am facing problems with teeth. Moreover, the doctor was lacking in knowledge as he can’t answer my questions. He was more concerned with making money instead because he was continuously urging me to try some cosmetic procedures. I know I didn’t need any of them. Later on, when I received the bill I was overcharged. They charged me for the services which I didn’t even get and upon complaining the guy at the counter was rude with me and said that I can’t do anything and I will have to pay for it somehow. I do not wish to visit this facility again nor going to recommend it to anyone. You should opt for someplace else where the dentists are real professionals and the staff cares about the people. They didn’t apologize to me for any of the mistakes they made. In fact, they didn’t even accept their mistakes. Here, you’ll only find a bunch of immoral idiots who don’t know anything about customer service.

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