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This hospital has no morals

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18 September 2019

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I have an alternate vet that I take my pet to; however, North End Pet Hospital was nearer to me and my husband so we chose to give them a shot (for our doggie). An initial couple of visits went mediocre and the staff was always unprofessional. I let it all go, because while visiting I could save transportation costs, but the worst was yet to come. When we took our young dog to get her spayed and that is when things went downhill promptly. My husband and I are the owners of our loveable pet, yet neither one of us could drop her off so we had my father in law drop her off. We did not get a call to affirm if these different administrations were alright however they felt free to do it in any case. $250 of extra charges we didn’t agree to; teeth were pulled, immunizations have done, microchip included, and so on. I fumed, these things could have harmed our little pet, and my fear turned out to true, she was in a lot of pain when we took her home. She was feeling dizzy and even stopped eating. However, the truth of the matter is we didn’t agree to it. No document with our signature, no telephone call to try and NOTIFY us. We came back to discover why they continued, their answer was because my father in law verbally affirmed it. He isn’t an enrolled proprietor. He doesn’t have the right, and all things considered, one of us should’ve been called. We didn’t get repaid, nor did we at any point get a straightforward expression of apology. What happened was completely unsuitable and untrustworthy. Moreover, my father in law told me that he also did not consent to any of this and wasn’t even asked about this all, and the hospital staff openly lied to me. We did call and even visited a few times and complained. We even requested evidence of a signed form, yet were informed that my father in law just verbally assented. I stated that regardless of whether he went about as an owner, there’s a motivation behind why I was given a form on my first visit to explicitly state who the enlisted owners were. I believe it’s possibly appropriate to contact the enrolled owners if any extra methods are to be done- which we were most certainly not. Just a call to advise us that her techniques were done, and discover that few unapproved methodologies were finished. I went there with the goal that this can be settled yet they were in no mood to admit they were wrong. I took my pet to another vet and saved her life. This hospital has no morals and respect for their clients and treats animals like dirt; they better shut down this hospital if they can’t redeem themselves. They are a bunch of liars, losers, and monsters. They are worse than garbage!

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