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I was in your Nordstrom store and a sales rep on the floor, Kris Fernandez, was very rude talking on the phone about her drug deal not going her way. She mentioned a man named Pablo and referred to him as her dad and was yelling at someone she was calling Alex. I am not sure if Alex was a girl or boy. I found it very unprofessional and when she hung up was very rude. This is not what I expect from Nordstrom and I am very disappointed. No one wants to hear about drug deals going bad and then treated with such disrespect. I am thinking about closing my account because I don’t want to shop where drug dealers work. Very disappointed customer, Courtney La Spina


  1. Kizzie Fritzman May 25, 2020
  2. Nola Lotspeich May 25, 2020
  3. Kiley Allums May 25, 2020
  4. Marquitta Wellspeak May 25, 2020
  5. Sparkle Langel May 25, 2020
  6. Amos Western May 25, 2020
  7. Stanton Kildow May 25, 2020

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