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15 September 2019

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I brought my cat into Nickerson health centre a few weeks ago. He wasn’t acting like his usual self and I just felt something was not right. They took him directly in and completed a physical assessment that didn’t demonstrate anything odd other than the fact that he didn’t appear to feel well. With my consent, they did a blood test and the outcomes demonstrated he was in extreme kidney failure. The vet suggested he should be admitted so he could start an IV drip and antibiotics. I was told they wouldn’t treat him with any meds or do any procedures without counselling me, except if it was a crisis. They likewise said I would be reached the following morning from 7-11 AM. The long stretches of 7-11 AM went back and forth the following morning with no update. I called to find out how he was doing and they said he was resting and would re-test his blood in the evening. Meanwhile, I went to visit him. He was naturally unnerved and was falling in his litter box. It seemed they did not take care of him properly and he was not comfortable locked up in the cage. When I opened the cage, he got up to stroll around, used the litter box and ate some food. I complained about that to the doctor. She just shrugged her shoulders and said he’s concealing his sickness well. She likewise referenced that they would re-test his blood that night yet things were not looking great, which was baffling to hear given he was acting a lot better around me. She just didn’t want to accept that the staff was inefficient in taking care of animals. After getting the test results, she told me that his values decreased yet they were still high and I ought to think about euthanasia. That was very strange and demoralizing. She just kept changing statements as per situations and just wanted to defend her wrong diagnosis and poor service. When I talked to her last night she said they would take a urine test to check whether an infection is present in the body and those outcomes could take a couple of days. After one day she is telling me to put him to sleep. I fumed with anger when I found out that they put my cat on morphine without my consent, just because they were not able to handle him? I could not bear to stand a minute and decided to take him out of this shitty place and took him to a new vet. They charged me with a huge bill which was an addition to the so many on-going issues. The new vet suggested that I bring my cat home in a comfortable environment and prescribed him with some fluids and medication. I am sickened at the methodology of the Animal Health Center. They loot money, give the wrong diagnosis and mistreat innocent creatures. Don’t ever take your pets to this place if you love them!

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