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Broke the window of my car while delivering

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18 September 2019

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Be careful when selecting this company because you might end up losing your time and money. I don’t know how companies like new world auto transport even get 1 star because the way I was treated by them was horrible and I won’t wish to treat my enemies like that. To be very honest they don’t even deserve one star, new world auto transport claims to deliver one of the quality services to their customer but that’s just not the case here, their customer services lack basic manners and every time you are going to get the same response as before.
They don’t care what happens with your car nor are they seemed bothered to clear up your concerns. New world auto transport will always be going to be late whether it’s about picking up or dropping off. Every time you will get the same response from their customer service team that the driver is just away and later will not arrive. On 25 August, we decided to get our car transported to Florida for which we hired new world auto transport. We did not know how this company works or were they even worth it or not. But since I could not find a single negative review about them, this forced me to give them a chance but later on regretted it. On the scheduled day the driver was supposed to come in the early morning but there were no signs of him until the late evening. I decided to call this company to get the update about my shipment on which I was being told that the driver is on his way but did not arrive. It looks like this company is a scam and will try to rip you off. It was such a mess for me because I had to cancel my several appointments just to be at home to make sure everything goes good. The driver came the next morning without even informing me and I had to get off my work just to accompany him. The only reason why I had not left their service after so much misery is that I had paid them in advance and I cannot leave them now. It seems like there is lack of communication among the departments of new world auto transport because I was being told that the driver will be going to arrive until the evening and he showed up in the morning. The shipment which has to be made under 3 days took around a week. Also when my car was delivered one of its windows was broken and the company took no responsibility for it. They don’t even apologize to compensate for my loss. I don’t wish to do business with new world auto transport anymore. I also don’t think anyone else should do business with them. Make sure you don’t get lured in by those cheap tactics played by this company or you will end up regretting your decision. Stay away from such bastards.

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