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They are horrible with their work.

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09 September 2019

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I was suffering from Conduct disorder and was becoming furious day by day. This problem was developed genetically when I was in my youth. I was a very short-tempered person and became very aggressive and was fond of violence. This problem had put me behind bars too. I couldn’t control my anger for 5 minutes. It was the right time to get myself treated now. I did a lot of research for choosing the best counselling centre and after days of searching I zeroed down to the New Life Counseling Services, LLC.
I quickly made an appointment with the manager for the very next day. I reached the destination on time and as soon as I got down of my vehicle I saw the place was closed. This was shocking at first. I quickly called the manager but he didn’t pick up my call. It was noon and I was standing right below the sun. I could hardly bear the hot weather. I went inside my car and tried calling them several times. Then I dialled the alternative number and finally, their receptionist picked up the call and informed me that the centre would remain closed today due to personal issues. This annoyed me and made me angry and before I could speak anything they hanged up the call. I called them up again but they hanged up my call every fucking time. I had to come back home because I had no other options left.
I received a text later to come back the other day because my appointment had been rescheduled. I did the same and went back to their place and the first and foremost thing I did was to complain about the issue made yesterday. The receptionist didn’t even apologize for their mistake and requested me to sit down in the lobby and wait for my turn. I somehow controlled my anger until now. I was then called in by the doctor and being a good patient I behaved properly and knocked before going in and as soon as I got in I greeted him with a positive smile. The doctor was just sitting numbly on his chair and didn’t even reply to my ‘good morning’. I somehow took a seat next to him and started explaining to him the difficulties I faced from the past few years. He didn’t listen to my words at first because he was reading something. Then I elaborated and spoke to him in a loud voice to which he got furious and ordered me to lower my voice or else he would turn deaf. This gave me an adrenaline rush and I started shouting at him for not being attentive. This was not the kind of behaviour I was expected from doctors out here. I told him to keep his phone aside or send me out. He then called one of his security members and sent me out and shouted at me for being rude. I had the exact problem and the doctor wasn’t ready to understand my emotions. He didn’t even try to talk to me anymore. I made a very big mistake coming here and would never recommend anyone to be a part of New Life Counseling Services, LLC.

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