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Neo Wealth Advisors / NWA Fund Review

Neo Wealth Advisors / NWA Fund

NWA Fund is relatively new, so if you’re going to invest in them, let me tell you a couple of words so you could decide whether it’s worth it or not (it’s not). What’s their point? they say investing in cryptocurrencies trading is profitable and advantageous. There’s also a video presentation provided n the website that tries to assure you to invest. But if you look at graphics that are also on the website you can understand that the benefits started decreasing in spring. As soon as cryptocurrencies began to depreciate, the number of investors dropped as well. People understand what cryptocurrencies are about and can increase and decrease like any other currencies, so sometimes there’s no point in making investments. NWA Fund claim they use special types of bargains that let investors increase a capital leverage systematically. But it’s impossible to do it all the time or all of their investors would be billionairs! I also paid attention to one phrase about algorithmic trading bots. Just think of this level of absurd. So they trust your money to not even a person? It’s just a coded program that may suddenly crash and all of your money goes down the drain. The biggest disadvantage of this project is that the minimum investment is $1000. This fact will surely frighten future investors because the firm is not acknowledged to be trusted. I hope people are not that crazy. I don’t recommend it.

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