Natural Gas Home Retailer

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Natural Gas Home Retailer | Contract Cancellation Process

Hello, htis complaint is to let others that deal with this firm does business. The business contract requires that both parties must benefit from the contract, both parties have responsibilities to uphold and maintain. I have tries to cancell this service contract with them becuase the alleged savings were never delivered. The first cheque mailed to their PO Box never arrived and now the second cheque never arrived? I find this odd as I have never had a problem with Canada Post and missing mail. I called the firm and it appears that the offices are in disaray and the people are not adequately trained in the system employed by the firm. My suggestion would be to use registered mail only when dealing with this firm, only use Canada Post Registered mail because the PO Box is owned by Canada Post.

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  1. Abbey Volker May 24, 2020

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