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National Tire & Battery [NTB] Review

National Tire & Battery [NTB]

I visited your store in Lexington, SC (Store # 6248; Store # 248) on Saturday 9/23/2017 to have 2 new tires put on the front of my truck. They finally get me in, get it done, and I pay the bill. I go out to my truck and the tires on the front of my truck are not new, but the tires on the back are. I asked one of the guys what happened and he gets a manager. I asked why, when I specifically asked for 2 new tires for the front of my truck, do I have 2 new tires on the back. Oh, he says, that’s company policy…oh no no no…I was not told this before the work was done or I never would have agreed. He said it was on their wall and in their video…OK, I do not know what video he’s speaking of and I’m not accustomed to dealing with companies that require customers to read their wall rather than let the customer know they company policy. Now anybody with half a brain knows that you do not put mismatch tires on the front of a vehicle (which is what was on the back of my truck), because it doesn’t handle right and it doesn’t wear right…and furthermore, anybody that claims to be a TIRE SHOP should have at least half a brain and should also know this…the manager asked what he could do to make me happy and make it right. I told him to put the new tires on the front like I asked…that’s what I was paying for you to do, and that is what the work order was written up for…his reply was I can’t…it’s against company policy…well I’m going to tell you your company policy SUCKS AND IT IS NOT SAFE!!! And furthermore, it’s not providing customer service. The manager said I will talk to the guy who did it…why? What difference does it make now, it’s already been done and you’re not going to change it…I paid $187.20 to have your company put 2 new tires on the front of my truck, instead I got 2 new tires on the rear and 2 mismatch tires on the front. Now I have to go somewhere else and pay someone else to put the 2 new ones on the front…You did not provide customer service. It’s not fair to me to have to go somewhere else and pay someone to fix what your company screwed up…I got screwed by your company and it’s not fair to me to have to pay twice to have something done. If you want to make me happy, you need to change your company policy to provide customer service and you can refund about half of my money. Another thing your manager said was if I was only buying one tire for the front they would have put it on there…well Hell…it still would have ended up with mismatch tires on the front WHICH IS WHAT I WANTED TO AVOID AND THE REASON WHY I WAS BUYING TWO BRAND NEW TIRES…I would normally say I’m sorry for what I’m about to say, but in this case, I’m not sorry…but THE STUPIDITY OF THIS COMPANY POLICY AND YOUR EMPLOYEES ASTOUND ME!!! You will NEVER get anymore of my business and I will let everybody I know know that you are not a reputable company and you will only do what is best for your business and you don’t give a rat’s patooty and the customer and their SAFETY and satisfaction. Please, for the love of Pete…change your company policy…IT IS NOT SAFE FOR CUSTOMERS WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!! I don’t see how you do not see that!!! If you want to contact me, my name is Tina Hutto (or you can speak to my Husband Matthew Hutto) [protected]; [protected]


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