Mt. Diablo Veterinary Medical Center

They are ruthless, careless and selfish!

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date published
10 September 2019

posted by
Kevin Scott

If you love your pets, do not dare take them to the Diablo Veterinary center. I went for a consultation as my cat had a dragging leg. I had to wait for a long time in the waiting area and I noticed the facility was unorganized. Moreover, the wrong medicines were prescribed with no real diagnosis because the doctor was not very experienced and did not bother to listen to me. The very next day, my cat was severely dehydrated probably due to some reaction of wrong medicine, so I was forced to bring him back. I arrived in at 9 the morning but they were too late for opening the clinic. People on the counter were visibly angry when I complained to them for not opening the clinic on time. They were neither apologetic nor shameful of their incompetence. After a short check-up, my cat was admitted for a day, so after a few hours, I went home for lunch. When I got back, I heard him screaming and moaning with pain as they pulled the IV very harshly. He had an open wound with heavy bleeding, I did not know what exactly they were doing to him, but his condition was worsened. I screamed at the nurse to stop the bleeding right away as she was too slow and careless. Cleaning the wound was important as it could lead to more serious infection but she was not attentive at all. I ran up and down the stairs with a racing heartbeat to look for another nurse and it took me 25 minutes as the elevator was not working. Finally, the bleeding stopped but my cat was not in great shape. Medical center probably wanted to make more money so the doctor advised me to keep him under observation for another day. I was extremely worried to see him in pain so decided to stay back with him. They charged me a lot for a few items which were not necessary, they tried to push several antacids and pain medicines on us. My Cat was discharged after a day and I brought him back home. She could not walk and when I called the doctor, she seemed unconcerned and forced me for another diagnosis. I decided to take him to another vet to have his wound dressed up and to seek another opinion. They got some x-rays done and found out he had a broken toe. The scam clinic, Mt. Diablo Veterinary Medical Center, not only gave him a wound but also broke his toe by stretching his leg rashly.
Initially, I was hesitant to go to Diablo Veterinary because it looked like a scam but I was assured of the fact they have stayed open for many years now. My routine is tough and the timings supported my work schedule but now my poor cat is paying the price of my hasty decisions. He has always been a healthy cat without any problems. I usually don’t write such reviews, but this clinic deserves all the hate. They are more interested in minting money rather than the wellness of an animal. They are monsters, not humans!!!

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