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Stole $1400 from me!!!

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18 September 2019

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I would recommend you guys to don’t trust this company because you will only end up wasting your money and nothing else. Mr. Car Shipper is a shipping company in Nebraska and claims to deliver one of the best services in town but since my stressful experience with them, I would not like to visit them again.
I decided to get my car shipped and for that, I called Mr. Car Shipper. I shared all the details with them including the pickup and drop off location and also texted their driver twice. On the day of the pickup there driver don’t know where to pick up the car so he asked me to come to a location which was around 2 hours away from my house but I still managed to get to him. The scheduled time to pick up my car was in the early morning but they were not there until evening and I had to cancel my several appointments just to assist them. One of their employee who was a dispatch lady named Lou was extremely rude to me and showed a bad attitude to me. This fucking company also charged my card twice with $1390 without my permission and misused my card information. I decided to call them and told them to refund my money on which I was again greeted by one of their rude employees who do not know how to deal with your customers and blamed it on me. Somehow upon arguing they did agree to pay me back but it does not seem like they were even sorry for it. They did not even pretend to show apologetic behavior to me nor even offer me discounts or any other thing to compensate.
Terrible customer service I have ever seen in my life where you don’t know how to deal with your customers. It seems like Mr. Car Shipper has no customer service department. They have untrained employees and will always be going to show their aggressive behavior to you. After they agreed to refund my money it was such a lengthy process and told me that if I ever think of disputing it or contact the bank about this it would even take longer than that. They somehow managed to convince me not to dispute it, because they had to face terrible consequences then. Mr. Car Shipper emailed me the receipt of the refund and told me that it would normally take 48 hours to refund the money. But it’s been one week and I still had not received my money back. Their company CEO Jerry Teeter told me that he will be going to call me back but I had not received a single from him yet. I don’t think that I would be visiting such a place again and I will alert everyone else not to do business with them. I am going to file a dispute against Mr. Car Shipper and drag them into the court for what they did with me.

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