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Morton Buildings

I worked for Morton Buildings for 25 years. I was fired 4 years ago. I can still say, they were and still are the most customer satifactory generated company out there. They care about giving every single customer their full moneys worth and then some. As far as the guy talking trash about overage fund, that is a laugh and the salesmen getting it is not and never was true. I have seen the company Go miles past a warranty that was expired. They strive for perfection. If anyone was unsatisfied it was probably somewhat how they apporached the situation. If you have a lagitimate complaint and can be spoken to without acting like a madman they would carry it to the end to do the right thing, however, no company can deal with a madman that is not looking for solutions. Any company is going to have some minor problems with comunication, from salesmen or crews making mistakes. But that is what they are “mistakes” they will admit them and fix them if allowed to. Their intent is Good, they are not liars and theives. Far from it. If anyone had an axe to grind with them it would be me, but i have to tell it like it is.

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  1. Paula Kama May 27, 2020

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