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I was so excited to work for this company at first, until my first paycheck was $9 Yes, $9 And when i complained that i didnt have any money for gas or to pay for parking to even make it to work, my manager had to grudgingly give me money so i could. My next paycheck was $450 but thats only because it was back pay, after that, i never recieved a paycheck higher than $230, and keep in mind we only get paid every other week. I used to make constant sales all the time, but my paycheck never matched what my sales were, even at 20% I quit because had i worked my second job, with regular hours, I would have had more money and wouldn’t be in a financial mess, cant pay my bills and facing eviction right now due to back rent not paid. This company is one of the worst Ive ever had the misfortune of being assocoated with. Their management and communication skills are horrid, dont get me wrong, but to pay people so little, to make it that much more difficult to make ends meet, while pushing sale after sale after sale so that THEY the company themselves, can get more money, is despicable. If you are thinking of working here, please dont.

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  1. Teofila Rockenbach May 27, 2020

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