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You suddenly get a message asking you to call to stop gettting messages or else you will be charged.I thought that was the scam so I didnt text or call backNext day you get a usless piece of information and get charged 2$I called FIDO to inquier and they advise me that I must have joined a horscope site or something and that I wpuld have to wait a month to see if I was chargedI told them I wasnt going to pay, so it was best if I wasnt chargedThey said thier was nothing they could do because they would be charged.I explained that I was not asking or negotiating merely telling them I did not join any site, did not ask to get stupid messages on my cel phone for 2$ a day, and that i was not going to pay under any circumstance nor was I goign to waste any more time trying to dispute the situation and if they had the nerve tpo charge me two dollars I would mail them back my telehpone chipsThey agreed to credit me 2$ immidieatlyHow can such companies such as mobebuzz or mobeebuzz can be permitted to ride on line of the law this way. I

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