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Do not use them no matter what!

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04 September 2019

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Since childhood, I was fascinated by moto vloggers. There was a certain kind of adrenaline rush I experienced when I saw a moto vlogger rev up his tourer bike before starting his journey. I had promised myself that someday, I too would own a tourer bike and go on tours. Decades later, after years of hard work and struggling, I finally bought my tourer bike – A Triumph Tiger. It was the happiest day of my life. I kept on saving money and going on tours. I had to get my bike serviced frequently and everything was fine.
One day, while I went for the regular servicing of the bike, I was told that the tires would need to be replaced and the problem was that the service centre did not have the tires of my bike’s model. Since I had a planned bike tour only 10 days away, I decided to look online for my bike’s tires. After researching for some time, I came across MM Tires. Their website was quite appealing and the fact that they provided doorstep service was the deal-sealer for me. I called the place up instantly but there was no answer. It took me a few days to reach them. Finally, my call was received and I told them all about my problem. After getting an estimated price (which was quite expensive), I decided to go for it and asked them to send a serviceman as soon as possible since there were only days left for my planned tour.
The serviceman came after 2 days and he did not even bring the tires. He simply checked my bike and told me that he would be coming back in a day with the tires. Part of me knew that he would not be able to live up to his promise and I was right, he came a day after the promised date. He came and hurriedly installed the tires and when I tested them, they were not adaptable at all. The tires were not even for my bike’s model. I was infuriated and told him to take him to get me a replacement as soon as possible.
A week passed and no contact was made from MM Tires’ side. Yes, you guessed it right. I had to cancel my tour just because of the mere fact that the company was not punctual or at the least professional enough to have the courtesy of informing me about the delay. Two weeks later, I received a message stating that ‘half’ of the amount that I had paid for the tires were refunded. When I called them asking about the other half, they told me that it was the ‘service charge’. I sure as hell did not receive any such service.
Even if your vehicle is broken down and stranded in the middle of a road, I would not recommend you to go for MM tires unless you have spare cash and time to waste.

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