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Mistydays Keeshonds Review

Mistydays Keeshonds

Linda neal, called me and told me first hand how one of her prize babies, died at the tender age of only 3 yrs old of cancer. The pups name was asha she and her family lived in florida. I was told asha had a wonderful home, parents who cherished her very being, they supposedly bught from health test lines, they were good parents they thought they did the right thing.. Problem is the questionability of the breeder linda neals ethics. I proved her ethics are bad, she stole my dogs, breed them without permission, denied me access to my own dogs! I proved thru akc that she had stolen my dogs as she registered 1 with full registration. We dont sell to anyone with full breeding rights ever. Ack recognized this, as records to declare none of the puppies sold by us ever were sold with breeding rights. As a result the dogs registration was flagged and no offspring can be registered with the akc. Akc takes things serious, they dont just pull registrations for no reason. This post is my opinion, my judgements of mistydays keeshonds, and linda neal. Ask to see for your self the registration of any puppy you opt to buy, if you see nckeeshonds, kevin giessen anywhere on the pedigree 2019 to 2010 its bogus, and if the names show up anywhere on a ckc form.. Those were stolen and added to ckc registry nckeeshonds has owned only 1 ckc female, named michayla, and her mate beauregard whom was a akc and ckc registered he held both registries. We stopped using ckc as we didnt wish to be associated with them, form your own opinion, you dont want to end up like ashas parents having to put that dear dog down just before christmas.

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  1. Isabelle Linsky May 27, 2020

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