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Their doctors are rubbish! Better stay away

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14 September 2019

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After an encounter with Midland clinic about fourteen days prior because my dog was still not feeling good. It was recommended that he should have an ultrasound. He had the ultrasound done and when Dr called me on the telephone he disclosed to me that my dog has a splenic mass. He at that point went to clarify that when bigger dogs have splenic masses 98% of the time it ends up being malignant growth and the forecast after the expulsion of a harmful tumour isn’t high. Creatures will in general live for just a couple of months after. The medical procedure was cited $4,000 and we wouldn’t know whether it’s malignant growth until after the tumour expulsion so they could complete a biopsy. So with that being said…what do you do? Here is a creature that you have had for very nearly 10 years that you adore and consider essentially a subsequent tyke. You’re thinking…ok 4 thousand is somewhat costly. We can’t discover its malignant except if they do the medical procedure. Regardless of whether we go through the medical procedure, my dog might now live however just a couple of months. Would it be a good idea for me to put him to rest? We could be indiscreet about the cash. I would not like to put my canine through any pain because I need to be narrow-minded and keep him alive. We wound up having the medical procedure. They removed his spleen. Biopsy returned and it was still not negative, Still a malignant growth. After all that stress..the disease was not yet eliminated. My Dog ‘s condition started to deteriorate and he was not breathing properly, yet they did not know what to do. They asked to have additional tests done and once again fees were sky-high. After going through a torturous surgery my pet was still in pain and I couldn’t stay In peace. He was admitted for 2 more days and under observation. IVS, medications kept coming in yet he was in pain. He was now unconscious and more than 24 hours had passed but nothing was being done. The doctor was extremely rude when I told him about the situation but he was adamant that there was nothing wrong in the surgery so I immediately decided to transfer him to another hospital. I was told that the doctor while doing surgery had not fully removed the growth from the spleen which is why my dog ‘s condition wasn’t showing any signs of improvement. He had the surgery again and biopsy was finally negative and the new doctor was hopeful about his future too. I would never forgive what Midland Clinic did to my Dog. He was almost on the verge of death if I had not taken him out at the right time. Never take your pets to this clinic as people here are monsters in the form of humans. I learned my lesson and want to educate as many people as I can. Do not fall into their trap!

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