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I would never make the mistake shopping from the Mid-Michigan Dermatology.

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02 September 2019

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I was being treated by a dermatologist recently and my schedule was very busy and hectic therefore I decide to buy my dermal products online. After searching both online and offline about different dermal shops I found out Mid-Michigan Dermatology and tried buying products from them. It was my first time shopping online for dermal products and I had no idea that it would be one of my worst experience ever with this online company. Things couldn’t get any worse than buying products from Mid-Michigan Dermatology. I placed my order for Anti-aging products and body cleanser. The product was expected to be delivered within two days and that too with free shipping.
My order came in after 6 days and I was very disappointed with their poor service. As soon as I received my order the courier guy asked me to pay for the delivery of the products. I explained to him that the delivery was free but he said that he only does the delivery and doesn’t know much about the terms and conditions, therefore, I had to pay extra money for getting my things delivered and that too ‘late’. I soon opened my hamper to check out the meds. Being a respected customer I searched for the manufacturing and expiry date of the product and fortunately found out that the product had already been expired 2 months ago and they handed me an old product. I decided to call them up for the replacement of my accessories. They didn’t pick up the call every time I tried. After trying every way to contact them I had no other options but to leave a mail and wait for their reply. It was after sending several emails I got feedback after 10 days. This was very annoying and they were expected to send their staff to take back my product within 24 hours. Two days passed by and I was already pissed off from the poor customer service. I called them up again to take updates regarding the courier boy and I was given a silly excuse that the delivery boy was sick and no one was available in my region to come and take back my products.
Then they requested me to bring the products back to their office so that they could proceed further with the renewal of my products, or else I would have to wait for the courier boy to get well again. Therefore, I decided to return back their products myself. After returning the product I was handed upon with the new kit then and there only but this also took time as I was kept waiting for more than two hours. I must say that the service was not at all good and the delivery was never done on time and also the products were expired. The place needs to shut down as soon as possible because everything went wrong with my order. Please take your business somewhere else rather than wasting time at the Mid-Michigan Dermatology.

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