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08 September 2019

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Have you ever been felt ignored by the ones whom you love the most? I have and it was happening now and then with me. As soon as I lost my only job and became unemployed everybody started showing their true colours. Be it friends, colleagues or relatives. A very famous personality said that ‘people care only when you are rich popular or dead’. I was on the verge of losing myself seeking help from the ones I expected during my bad times. None of them proved to be the same as they were when I was in good financial condition. After being lost, I tried to get ideas for being happy again but nothing helped me restore. I was very much ill, depressed and didn’t want to meet anyone anymore. After being fed up with all these complications I finally decided to get myself checked up by a psychiatrist, they could be the only hope to restore my mental state of mind.
After a lot of research for the best doctors, I found out Michael S Rhodes to be suitable for helping me with getting rid of my problems. I made an appointment at once. I was allotted for the very next day and couldn’t wait to discuss the growing problems in my life like a roller-coaster ride. I reached the clinic before time and was waiting for the doctor to talk to. Since the place was too crowded the doctor decided to call two patients at a time. In the beginning, it didn’t bother me much but when I started visiting him every week he made it a habit to talk to more than one person at a time and this was really very disturbing and I also felt insecure discussing my problems with him in front of strangers. I requested him to let me talk in a private space or else I would not be able to open up comfortably with him. He ignored my opinion and told me that it would be very time taking if he starts giving every individual a different time. I wasn’t able to tell him about everything in detail because he wanted brief explanations.
I didn’t notice any improvement in my health. It was all the same even after visiting him for a month. He didn’t pay much attention to any of his patients because as soon as he finished listening to one of them he would turn to another to listen to him and then give a combined speech to both. This was becoming a mess and I finally decided to look for some other psychiatrist. I would recommend not to take appointments from Michael S Rhodes LMFT because he never gave personal time to each of his patients individually. It was my 8th visit to him and I was still being asked questions consecutively with another patient on the same. This was very uncomfortable and no one would like this kind of treatment.

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