Michael A. Zerivitz, DDS PA - Deltona Smiles

Michael A. Zerivitz has horrible staff! Avoid them!

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date published
10 September 2019

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Paula Jefferson

I am not sure why clinics like Michael A. Zerivitz, DDS PA – Deltona Smiles would want to lose their customers who are their regular ones, they should provide special treatment to their regular customers. I was a satisfied customer till last year but the way I was treated last time I have been extremely disappointed with their services. Michael A. Zerivitz, DDS PA – Deltona Smiles is currently located in Deltona, Florida.
I was a regular customer at Michael A. Zerivitz, DDS PA – Deltona Smiles but my last visit was painfully bad. The customer service is below average as I called them to book my appointment with them the lady on the other side of the call was very rude to me and showed a bad behavior. As I was busy on the appointment day I called them again and asked to reschedule my appointment again I was being confronted by a rude customer service agent who told me that I will have to pay an additional fee if I am going to cancel my appointment. The company policy clearly states that if you will going to cancel before 24 hours there would be no extra fee charged to you and since I was doing the same she had no right to charge me on and after arguing with her she finally excluded it. This behavior shows how Deltona Smiles is profound to make their money from their customer’s pockets. I had a cap replacement treatment but after 6 months it fell out and that was the moment I realized how degraded they have become. I went in there to have 750 dollars crown put back but I was being asked to pay an additional fee of $50. These bastards were only trying to make money from my pocket because I already paid it, and the cap which fell off was because of their lack of training that they can’t even place a cap properly. I guess that the doctors should raise their standard in term of their professionalism and customer service. They should make sure that they make their patients comfortable. Not only me but other customers have also complained about the way they were treated there. One of my relatives went there for a root canal and told me that they charge $1700 for a root canal surgery which is more expensive than other clinics in town. The staff there hadn’t told my relative about this high cost before. It came as a shock to him. And he’s elderly. I am a person who is not fond of writing reviews about any company but the treatment I received last time was horrible. Moreover, the front desk staff is unprofessional and they show a bad attitude to their patients. I will not visit this place again nor will be going to recommend it to anyone because I don’t want you guys waste your money on a facility like this.

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