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09 September 2019

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Our family had decided to go out for a small outing on the beach of Miami. We were about to leave the next day and all of us were preparing things for the next day. We had everything possible to make our trip a memorable one. A towing truck to tow a boat with a full tank diesel and the truck was set, until I realized that the boat is too heavy to be loaded on the truck and the hitch jack was lost last summer. I had 12 hours in hand to manage the jack. I searched for them everywhere possible and asked my neighbour and near ones for the same but nothing helped. At last, I decided to buy a new one but was confused about where to. I did a lot of research and found Miami Hitches to be the best and the most suitable for my urgent necessity. I added a hitch jack to the cart and booked it as fast as I could.
The delivery date was of two days but they had an option for urgent deliveries within a few hours. I chose the plan and paid them the extra money for my accessory to be delivered. The new expected delivery time was within the next 8 hours and I made the payment directly from the net banking option. I waited for the jack to be delivered. We were all ready to leave the next morning and the only thing that kept us waiting was the delivery of the accessory. I made calls after calls to the delivery guy but they never received the call. It was on the 11th hour when we lost all hopes that they arrived and I finally took a sigh of relief. The matter couldn’t get any worse when I saw that the delivered accessory was different than I ordered. I made an order for a hitch jack but they sent me a trailer jack. I was infuriated and tensed because it would possibly not fit in with my boat as both the accessories are different. I forcefully tried to fit it in the truck but it didn’t.
I told the delivery boys to take away the jack and bring me a proper jack within an hour. They said it was practically impossible to do so. I asked them for a refund but they refused. I called the manager of the shop to ask them for the complications created, instead of apologizing for their mistake they scolded me for talking rudely and hanged up my call. I couldn’t help myself because I had already made the payment. I had to cancel my trip only because of the Miami Hitches because they failed to deliver the accessory in time even after paying them an extra amount of money. I couldn’t regret myself any more than making a mistake of ordering at the wrong place. I would never buy a single accessory of my car from the Miami Hitches they are useless and don’t deliver the right thing on time.

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