Meticulous Paintless Dent Removal

They are a total flop and don’t take their work seriously.

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08 September 2019

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Age has been an important factor for me, I am fond of my cars and due to the increasing age, I couldn’t give my cars much time. They had become rusty and old with lots of repairs to be done. I decided to start over with my favourite mustang. The first and the most important thing needed to be fixed were the dents and the off-colour of the car. For this, I started searching for good dent repair shops near me and found out Meticulous Paint-less Dent removal to be the best because it was the only shop which could give you service at home. They would come to your place and fix your car. This was impressive for an old man like me. I decided to fix my appointment and call them up real soon.
I called them the very next moment but got no response in return. I called them three times but still was hanged up all the damn time. Then I tried on the alternate number and finally, they picked up and fixed my appointment for the next day. I took out my car from the garage and cleaned it before time so that it would be an ease for them to do their work. I paid them beforehand so that they would take extra care and come on the time allotted. Nothing as such happened and I kept waiting for them the whole day but they didn’t show up. Being worried and disappointed at the same time I called them up to know what the problem was all about. As usual, the manager didn’t pick up my call. After several tries they finally picked up and on asking them the reason for not sending their men, they said that the workers didn’t show up today and they didn’t have any alternate workers for the paint job. Therefore, my appointment was fixed for the next day.
Alas! They showed up the next day but were an hour late. This didn’t bother me much because they came at least. I requested them to handle my car with care and make no mistakes. Unfortunately, the workers forgot to bring their spray machine and the work was kept pending for another hour until one of the workers came up with it. They requested for a lunch break before even starting the work and went away to have their lunch. They came up after an hour and finally started with my work. It generally takes an hour to apply the paints but they took 3 hours to do the same job. The work was done but it was not satisfactory. The colour quality was very poor and I told them to apply a matte finish colour but they gave a glossy finish to my car. This was looking very ugly and not good. I wish I had chosen some other shop for the repair because the workers were not worth it and didn’t complete their work on time nor gave a perfect finish to my car. If you are a real car lover then please don’t visit the Meticulous Paint-less Dent removal.

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