Memorial Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery of Katy/Fu

Full of Perverts!

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14 September 2019

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Some people have issues when it comes to facial features. It is not their fault but it does not look good either. Some people go for teeth alignment too as they do not have an attractive smile. A friend of mine named Jessica had an issue with her jawline and I needed an Invisalign treatment. We have been friends since forever and we do everything together so we decided to get these jobs done together too. Memorial Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery of Katy/Fu is a clinic situated in Katy, Texas. They have been in operation for quite the time but the bastards know nothing about surgery or treatments. All they can do is fucking blab about their so-called remarkable services and attract new customers for the sake of money. They have no concerns for the betterment of the patients. Jessica and I had no idea what we were running into. She needed a sharp jawline adjusted according to her face. She had a broader jawline. Unfortunately, different perverts were asked to do the jobs we asked for. She came out screaming from the room that the surgeon was hitting on her continuously. She could not even go through the complete treatment and stormed out. Well, I did not know this as I was in a separate room till then and to be honest I did not face any such issue in the start. My dentist was extremely unprofessional and I asked for an Invisalign treatment. He literally did not know about it and searched on Google for it. First, I thought he was just using his phone but the way he started the treatment made me insecure. And he picked up wires and bands without injecting any anesthetic; I was shocked and stopped him right away. Upon asking he said that I asked for braces and when I told him I needed an Invisalign he was puzzled and said it involves bands and wires too. I tried to clarify to him that Invisalign does not involve any wires and it will align my teeth with some gel but he started arguing and within a few seconds he was yelling at me that I was questioning his method. I should have been the one to storm out of the clinic but my dentist did it on my behalf. Later on, I asked Jessica about her experience and she was furious about the doctor as she had been injected thrice on each side because the doctor could not do it right the first two times. She is having unbearable pain right now and we both are now searching for better and professional doctors to do what we need. Please do proper research before choosing anyone and NEVER GO TO Memorial Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery of Katy/Fu. They will not listen to you and give you pain that you cannot bear. I hope our experience will help you in making an informed decision about this shitty clinic.

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