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Went there to remove the scratches, instead got more

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05 November 2019

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Since I take my car to the office every day, it was really necessary to get the car polished and repaired (there were a few scratches, which I wanted to get rid of) to make it look presentable. Since the beginning, I had no trust in any unauthorized service centre. I wanted to take the car to a BMW-authorized place and that is why after doing proper research, I decided to take my car off to Melbourne BMW. I scheduled an appointment and waited for the day to come.
On the day of the appointment, I reached the place in my car. I reached the place where cars were being fixed and I got down and told an employee about my service appointment. I was led to the place where I was to leave my car. I met the mechanic and requested him to take off the car as I did not want a single scratch on my vehicle. I had heard from someone that usually when the car is washed, some scratches are inevitable. Given the fact that I gave my car for servicing at an authorized service centre, I was a tad bit less worried. After listening to my humble request, the mechanic got kind of enraged. He lectured about how their place is filled with experienced professionals and how it is not at all okay to give ‘empty advice’. I was a little bit embarrassed and therefore I apologized immediately. As I was walking out, I was assured of the service by the same person by whom I was lectured. I had a mixed reaction to this. After this, I came back home. I was told that once the car has been washed, I would be given a call.
After a few weeks had passed without any kind of contact from the other side, I assumed that they had forgotten and thus I called the place up myself. On asking about the status, I was told to come down to check the status. To be honest, I was kind of surprised hearing this. Just for something that could have been told over a phone, I had to head down to BMW Melbourne myself. Once I reached, I was informed that the car had still not been washed and that it would take a few more days.
After three days, I was called and told to collect the car. I reached the place and the moment I laid eyes on the ‘repaired’ car, I was horrified. The only thing that I was afraid of happened. There were evident scratches on the windows as well as the car body. At some places, the paint was completely scratched off. The excuse that was given to justify this was that the car was too dirty and thus strong detergent had to be used.
According to the people there, no mistake had been made. They refused to accept the fact that they had spoiled a car. I had no choice but to take my car and drive out of there.
I would strictly advise against going to this because there are so many reasons – Therein sense of punctuality, the employees are rude and to top it all, not a single fuck is given about a customer’s vehicle.

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