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Meadowlands Decorating Center Review

Meadowlands Decorating Center

Local furniture store in Rutherford, NJ is nothing but a pain in the neck. Back in April 2008, my husband and I brought a dinette set. Upon delivery, to our surprise, two chairs were a different color than the rest of the set. We were told that they were temporary replacements as the other chairs were being ordered and shipped. Once they would have received our chairs it would have been an easy pick-up and switch deal. Yvonne, the owner”s wife, reassured my husband that the chairs will be there within 4 weeks. We didn”t see a problem with this and so we paid in full. Big mistake. Never received a call from them. We called every week and every week we got a different excuse. One point, the chairs did arrive and she sold them to someone else! We then had to wait another 4 weeks. We called every week. We hardly ever got an answer. We left numerous voicemails, Never got a call back. Then Yvonne decided she didn”t want to deal with us so she send her assistant, Kimberly, to start picking up our phone calls. Kimberly wasn”t much help. She was very inexperienced with customer service and had no say on what to do since she was only following directions. One day my husband and I went to the store to see what was going on, and Yvonne kept saying that they are on their way. Carl, the owner, was completely out of it. After hearing and knowing about our situation, you would think he would apologize for the inconvenience. That didn”t even occurred to him. Instead, he just stood there minding his business. After four long arduous months with them, we finally got your chairs. Never again will I do business with them or recommend this place to anyone.

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