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Mcbee Veterinary Hospital Almost Killed My Dog

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12 September 2019

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Animals are our best friends when we are lonely, sad or need someone to talk to. You can talk to them for hours and they will listen to you. If they are so giving in return we should also keep them under our best care and get them treated if they get sick or are in pain. My Dog who is 4 years old has been sick for a couple of days. He is throwing up and hasn’t been eating properly. My friend suggested to me Mcbee Veterinary Hospital and I and my Dog had the worst things happened to us. I boarded my dog for about a week in their hospital. While I was away they didn’t send me any pictures of him or gave any updates about his health. Their services are really bad and they don’t care about the ailing pets at all. When I tried to call a few times they never picked up calls and when they did they were extremely rude to respond. They later told me that something is seriously wrong with his health and he needs to be treated for that. They suggested some unnecessary tests which cost me a lot of money. When I went to pick him up he was in a very bad condition. He was limping and his paw was covered with dried blood. It seemed as if he was treated badly that resulted in him being in such a bad condition. He was the saddest I have ever seen him and was in so much pain. Instead of apologizing to me they were demanding me money for the medicines and X-rays they ran on him when my dog was deeply hurt and mistreated under their care. My dog used to be very calm and composed and grooming him was never an issue because he responded well to the contact with humans. Since his visit to their vet, he has been acting harshly and strangely. He gets hyper during pee, poop, and bites when someone tries to bath him. He is in trauma after the awful experience he had at McBee hospital. Grooming or taking him to a vet for health reasons has been a troublesome issue. He gets wild and responds in a very negative way from time to time when originally he is very calm by nature. I went back for a consultation but the staff was very rude to me and the doctor refused to help me any further. They even asked for the consultation fee after all the mess they had created. I had to take my dog to another clinic to calm him down and he is doing a lot better now. The doctors at McBee are heartless people who don’t care a damn about the innocent and sick pets.
All they care about is money. They almost killed my Dog. The hospital needs to be shut down to prevent more misfortunes to occur. Be aware of this hospital people they are scams who are doing medical malpractice out in the open.

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