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Maytag | Don't make the same mistake as I did!

You have got to be kidding. We bought our MAYTAG appliances, washer and dryer from Home Depot. Yeah, we spent a little bit more but hey, nothing like peace of mind. WRONG!! Delivery was 2.5 months late. We had just had a baby so it was really nice to hand wash out close and dry them hanging around the house. Because it took them so long to delivery we sent in our $50 rebate a little later than anticipated. WRONG again, we were refused as they received the paperwork after the deadline date. Eh. Nice. But it was their fault and we even wrote them a letter and mailed in with the rebates. No luck. The letter was still folded, almost as if no one had read it. 8 months down the road, I noticed that our dryer was out of wrack, making these weird noises and a rolling sound. Almost like there was a rock rolling around when the dryer was working. Yep, someone came by. “The motor needs to be replaced” he said. What? It’s only 8 months old.Please, don’t make the same mistake I did, please do not buy Maytag – no peace of mind there!

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