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15 September 2019

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Recreational places are always fun to visit and on a holiday when all your family is gathered its best to choose a spot where you can spend some fun and quality time with your family. We went to Maymont and had a very boring and dull trip. I entered through the Shields Drive entrance – there’s not much off-road parking accessible and the passage that led towards the park was a long way to cover. The Italian and Japanese gardens are not much attractive and seem poorly kept. The bamboo forest can only be loved by kids and the adults can’t find anything interesting there. Maymont has a donation box and it requires every entrant to put $5 in it however it shouldn’t be compulsory as not every person can afford to do that. They should venture up the petting zoo/animal displays in years to come – They have goats and sheep only in the majority, I wish there were more animals to display.
They also charge a fee to see certain animals which make the overall trip so expensive. What’s more, the wild bear is scarcely ever noticeable in his environment and I have felt that I’ve invested more energy sitting tight for him to turn out than actually seeing him onsite. The spot additionally is a mainstream spot for private occasions, for example, organization functions and weddings and because of that those areas get very crowded and congested making it uncomfortable for usual visitors to enjoy their time. I was bored strolling through the farm area because there were only ducks, goats, and sheep with no variety of animals. They don’t take care of the animals and they looked dehydrated and sick. The Japanese garden lacks scenery and needs to get renovated. There was so much litter and garbage all over the garden area and there wasn’t any cleaning team around. I couldn’t even find any trash cans around the area. The management should take action regarding the cleanliness because the dirt all over the place gives a very bad image. The waterfall in the Japanese garden was missing with water and the area didn’t have anything attractive to extend our stay there. The Japanese Garden did not seem as though it was kept up. It was somewhat dry and dead. The horse carriage ride was a terrible and scary experience. The carriage we sat in was shaky and was not fixed properly and we were about to fall. They should take note of such an issue because faulty carriages can lead to serious accidents. There is no proper eatery where you can buy food or drinks. If you want to eat or drink something you have to bring it along with you from some other place. The signs that show directions are very confusing and you don’t know where you are going. If you are looking to have a nice time I do not recommend Maymont because there are way better fun places to visit.

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