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Massimo Dutti

I was there at Massimo Dutti yesterday (7th of Feb18 ) at 8:00PM & I was trying to change a pantaloon I bought it from one week with a bigger size but actually the employee who deal with me was so rude & he talked to me in an appropriate way: Me: Good evening, please I need another size of these pants, Him: Yes, you can go check by yourself all pants are there ME: you mean I need to do it by myself!! Him(by a very aggressive & rude way) : one minute please !! wait for around 5 min then he came Him :Hey… give me the pants Me :HYG After 5 to 10 min he came back Him : there is no other size !! Me: So please check other shops branch please Him : No, network is done I can”t help !! Me: so what should I do !! Him : i”ll give you the #s you can check by your self !! Me: Thanks !!! then I went down to the cashier & I told the manger there & told me sorry then he gave the pants to other one to check it & suddenly he found the size that I”m searching about !!! so I return back the two pieces & I refunded my money back through my credit card (it should be reflected within 14 working days) I need a detailed action plan with this employee, as when I mention the same situation to more than one of my friends they faced the same aggressive & rude attitude at different branches ex: City stars & cairo festival city I”m waiting for your reply today as I”m very frustrated & I want to avoid spreading this negative vibes for Massimo Dutti urgent please


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