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Terrible Service and Careless Guys

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date published
12 September 2019

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Yuan Nguyen

If I could give them a BIG zero that would not be enough, guess what they deserve something even lower! All I can say is WOW; Martyr’s Auto works is horrible. I’ve never gotten such unpracticed client administration. My family and I took our vehicle to Marty’s because of the extraordinary reviews! We thought we hit a genuine mechanic who might do us right. I made an appointment with a person on the phone for 7:30 AM as soon as they opened! He had let me know via telephone that the shop was thoroughly free and he’d most likely take a gander at our vehicle once I dropped it off. My family and I dropped off our vehicle at 7:30 in the first part of the day, I was so happy and astounded that a lift was incorporated into the administration and they dropped us back off at home but they wasted a lot of time and kept us waiting. So from 7:30AM-2: 50 pm when I called to determine the status of the vehicle around 2:50 pm they had revealed to me the vehicle hasn’t been taken a gander at, however, “just from taking a gander at the outside” it will be costly. I wonder how somebody can give a client a gauge just from taking a gander at the outside when my concern was under the vehicle in light of the model and transmission. I was somewhat befuddled there so my people and I just paused; we at that point took an Uber to Marty’s around 4 pm because they REFUSED to offer us a straight response via telephone. When we arrived the person who was working at the front work area gave us positively NO INFORMATION on the vehicle AT ALL. His accurate words: “we would need to run an analytic on another demonstrative” I’m no specialist however goodness, that didn’t sound appropriate by any means. I inquired about my vehicle issue myself and had a decent companion take a gander at my Fiesta. He had at first disclosed to me the vehicle simply should have been reinvented in the light of the PC framework. I advised this to the mechanic and he looked amazed that I recognized what I was discussing. He got captured in the demonstration than attempted to play the entire “well we’ve been reserved throughout the day” OK that is the reason I made an APPOINTMENT. At that point, they couldn’t disclose to me what wasn’t right with the vehicle by any stretch of the imagination! It was clever, $80 squandered on attempting to get help. I drove the vehicle around today and now the transmission message is gone, all they expected to do was rewire the programming. They need to recognize when they are caught in an inappropriate demonstration.
I also got to know that the mechanics themselves put up good reviews on their website to attract people. So you should not trust those positive reviews you see out there. I’m letting other individuals know about this awful experience so they never go to Marty’s Auto Works.

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