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She won’t treat anything, instead, she will damage your mental health further.

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09 September 2019

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Life was becoming tough and challenging and I felt hopeless after the death of my mother. The joy of living life was gone for me and nothing seemed to help me. I hardly remember the last time I laughed with my mother. Everyone feels sad for losing their loved ones but one has to move on and keep up with life. In my case, depression was not short-lived and it had been with me for months and I couldn’t imagine my life without my mother. I already gave up on my life when out of a blue moon while surfing on the internet I found Marna Reed MA LP. I thought she could get me out of this mess, but I was wrong.
Without even checking much about the doctor I made an appointment online from the website given below and reached the clinic to meet her the very next day. I went up to the receptionist to look for my appointments made with the doctor. The receptionist said that they are not making appointments online due to the local server is down. I told her about the confirmation too but she denied letting me meet the doctor without any appointments. I had to make the appointment on the spot and come back the next day. My first day out there was a total waste but I didn’t let it bother me. I came back again the other day according to the time of my appointment. Instead of being on time I had to wait for about 45 minutes for my turn to come. Nevertheless, my turn came and I went in to see the doctor. I was already getting late for my office and I requested the doctor to make the first session a bit shorter, she got offended and lectured me for another half an hour and said I was not fit to be her patient. I didn’t do it purposely but I was already getting late and it was their fault appointing me a wrong time.
After her lecture was over she told me to sit and listen to her. Suddenly my phone started beeping and ringing and I picked up my call because it was my boss. She came right in front of me took the phone and threw it away. She didn’t even care about anything and told me to leave the place. I wanted to leave too but also wanted the expense of my phone which she denied totally. This was the saddest experience I had with a doctor and I still regret going to Marna Reed for living a better life with treatments from her. This was one of my biggest mistakes and I don’t want anybody to make appointments with this doctor. She is a short-tempered person and also gets mad at her patients for making slight mistakes. I made a mistake but please not of you should repeat the same mistake going to Dr Marna Reed.

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