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Irresponsible and misogynistic dentist

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date published
12 September 2019

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Gwen Taylor

I had to urgently consult one of the dental clinics as I fell and injured my upper lip and one of my front teeth. I checked my insurance plan and found one of the dental clinics which were near my house and had good ratings online. The only reason to visit Markiewicz Dental was because people were truly satisfied with their services as they had shared their experiences online but later on I regretted my decision and got to find out that Markiewicz Dental offers incentives and discounts to their patients to give them good ratings online and that is the only reason why they don’t have negative ratings. It is misleading for people like me but only Markiewicz Dental cares about is to make their own money and nothing else. I found Markiewicz Dental expensive than my regular one but since money is not an issue when it comes to my health, I booked my appointment with them. Markiewicz Dental had posted some of the pictures of their clinics on their website which looked amazing and claims to have one of the best professionals in the town but since my visit, I am not only disappointed with their doctors but also with their clinic. You can hear the conversation of the patient and his doctor if you are sitting with the wall and it makes me uncomfortable. Also, I was being greeted by one of their rude receptionist who at first told me that there was no appointment booked under my name but later on upon arguing she was able to find out my name. The doctor looked a nice guy until he started treating me, I had problems with my front teeth only but he did a full mouth checkup which I didn’t ask him to do, also during the treatment you can hear other people talking outside. The doctor had no idea how to deal with his patients and how to make them comfortable and was continuously trying to make irrelevant comments on me which I did not like and also told him to refrain from it. Things got really irritating and tense when he started making sexual jokes. I was just waiting for him to finish the checkup. And he kept making lewd comments about my face and body. I was too scared at the time. I can assure you that it was my WORST experience with any dental clinic ever. Because not only did the dentist do a pathetic job but he also made too many sexual comments about me. It’s an unsafe environment for women.
I only went there just for a regular checkup but it turned out to be a nightmare for me. I guess clinics like Markiewicz Dental are keener to make money from their patients without ensuring their health and safety. I would like to tell you guys to stay away from such ass holes because all you are going to get is regret and nothing else. So stay away from such filth.

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