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18 September 2019

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My experience was not good with MarbleTown Animal Hospital. I took my dog there for treatment of worms and cleaning of his teeth for his good health. I had not done it before because I had lost a dog under anaesthesia and was worried, but I knew it was necessary for him. Doctor William took all his blood tests. The next week, I called Doctor William and he told me that my dog had kidney disease and may soon face kidney failure. I was not sure what he was trying to say, so I asked him “how much life does my dog is left with?” he said, “maybe a year”. After knowing that my dog had left with only one year of life, was I supposed to plan the cleaning of the teeth? He recommended me to perform the teeth cleaning procedure, it seemed a strange thing to do since he knew that I had already lost a previous dog under anaesthesia, so I told him NO. That night, I purchased all the new foods for kidney illness, gave him everything, his food and treated him pleasantly. I was profoundly disheartened because he was not as old as 10 and I was not prepared yet to lose him. We are never prepared to bid farewell to a friend or family member or a relative. Since, my dog appeared to be fine, feeling no torment or pain, and continue acting like a little dog, energetic and happy of course. After three weeks of mourning, I called another hospital. I took him to another veterinary clinic out there, had all the tests done, and to my surprise, he was declared all fit and fine. Everything was within normal limits, no signs of kidney disease, etc. While I was delighted with this correct diagnosis, I was also very upset to have been informed of the kidney failure by Doctor. William. Next morning, I met the owner of Marbletown Animal Hospital, because I wanted him to know what had happened. Once I told him the whole story, I was astonished to hear his response, he called me a liar and told me that Doctor William did not tell me that there was a year left for my dog. He tried to explain why it happened but never recognized that mistake on their part. He did not apologize at all and made me feel like I was wasting my time because he was not ready to believe me, listen to me.
Although I know that Marbletown Animal Hospital has a good reputation, unfortunately, my experience has not been good. A $ 385 for Marbletown Animal Hospital visits and over $ 100 for kidney failure foods. I spent over $ 200 at the other Veterinarian for re-examination and the blood tests as well. The total cost of this cluster was $ 685.00. above all, I was mourning for his shorter life. For all this, I hate Marbletown Animal Hospital and Dr William. They are liars, cheaters and not trustworthy. I would not recommend Marbletown Animal Hospital to anybody.

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