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Keep away from Dr Zach PLEASE

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18 September 2019

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I took my pet to Manzano Animal Clinic which is located at 1041 Juan Tabo Blvd NE Albuquerque, NM 87112. And I beg you, PLEASE DO NOT TAKE YOUR PET HERE. Dr. Zach Lane has no clue about what he is doing concerning the exotic care of little pocket pets. We have an adorable pet rat that got sick and started mouth breathing which is an indication of respiratory pain and can be intense in pet rats. When Dr. Lane examined our rat and my husband told him what we had attempted to do (in view of past vet and rat rescue group) he disgraced him and told him that he compounded the situation by treating her at home and now there was nothing they could do for the rat except if they completed diagnostic testing, put her on IV liquids and oxygenated her overnight. The overall expense was well over $1400! He was the rudest doctor I had ever spoken to. My husband and I were exceptionally modest and remorseful concerning whatever mix-ups we may have made in Baby’s consideration. He continued disgracing my husband, saying that Baby may have had a chance if we would not have attempted to treat her and now we had a decision of either putting her to sleep or paying $1400 to have her treated. I inquired as to whether there were some other more affordable choices and after some all the more disgracing about us being the ones in charge of her being put to sleep, said he would consider it and that the best option was to put her to sleep and that at most she just had a 25% chance of making it alive. He said all the better he could do was treating her for $900 yet would not give her a very good chance. We kept on treating her overnight and took her to our regular exotic pet vet who gave us the equivalent precise convention that my husband had been doing from the start. We proceeded and the very next day (under 48 hrs from seeing Dr. Lane), Baby was all around great! She was playing with us, eating, running around in her cage and living life at its fullest. The next morning my husband chose to return and took Baby with him to see Dr. Lane and demonstrate to him that she was sound and alive with the goal that he could never do this to some other pet or pet’s family. He wasn’t there yet he demonstrated her to the lady at the front work area and clarified the circumstance. Kindly don’t take your pets there if Dr. Zach Lane is working. It almost cost us the life of our adored pet. He is disgracing, vainglorious, and persnickety and has positively no clue what he is doing. He would rather let an animal die than ever admit that he isn’t an all-knowing veterinarian master. This man has no sympathy, empathy or bedside way. He is a “kick-them-when-they-are-down” sort of fellow.

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