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Manulife Financial | Manulife is bad for corporations

Manulife is bad for corporations, our company offers us benefits trough Manulife.And Manulife as refused all my dental claims. I been fighting with them for claims dating 2 years back.They are disrespectful, arrogant people, my claims are fully justified, when i called Manulife asking them how much i pay them per year, they said (Your don’t pay us your company does) witch in fact is totally wrong our benefits are deducted from our pay checks. i was disrespected by Manulife and add to pay all my claims, They are a dishonest company, arrogant i suggest all corporation to look into this and speak to there employees to see if they ran into this situation, I would suggest Great West Life for corporations to chose, as they respect people do not reject claims i was with great West Life for 5 years never add an issue until i went to Manulife its now horrible being with ManulifeManulife is the last place corporations should go to if they care about there employees well being, I am ready to show all my rejected claims and provide recorded conversations with Manulife representatives as proof of there inadequate behaviors.I would like to hear about anyone else who encountered this before please post your stories so this company can learn a lesson that we will not be bullied by Manulife and there horrible policies.

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