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Magazine Publishers Service

I want to expose the obscenely crooked, lying, and abusive practices of the company calling itself magazine publishers service whose website is In the middle of september, 2016 I received a phone call from an individual who lead me to believe that he represented publishers clearing house; he informed me that I had won a wrist watch. He also offered me magazines for which I would be charged on a monthly basis. Towards the end of the conversation he mentioned in passing that he was also associated with a company called magazine publishers service. Just after the call ended I became suspicious of the call and researched magazine publishers service on the web. I found many complaints about this organization and called magazine publishers service to cancel the order. The individual who answered my call claimed ignorance of magazine publishers service and said that he had already received several complaints and that the offer was a scam. I immediately canceled my credit card to protect my funds. Since then I have received the magazines that I canceled. I have also received many phone calls from as many as three nasty women who demand payment for the cancelled addition to the rude phone calls I have taken over a dozen calls from the same numbers where the callers remain completely silent for several seconds before hanging up. I have sought the advice of the local police who advised me to monitor the situation before they get involved. I intend to contact the magazine publishers to try to get them to stop supplying this company. Please avoid magazine publishers service.


  1. Penny Mancher May 24, 2020
  2. Marco Lonn May 24, 2020
  3. Bennie Janeczko May 24, 2020

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