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Beware! This Place is Filled with Negligent Professionals

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date published
10 September 2019

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Henry Brown

Madison Dental Health Partners is a very renowned dental clinic, as they said they are the best and providing quality services. I want to show you the actual side of this clinic based on my experience. I took the appointment for my cavity filling. As I was too much stuck in my job, for me to take out time for this appointment was not an easy task. Due to the severe pain, I had to take out the time from my busy schedule and went to the clinic on the given time. And my worst experience at the Madison Dental Health Partners started from there. First of all, they asked me to wait. I waited for 30 minutes after that I was called in the examination room. I want to tell the whole situation of my effected tooth and about the pain but the doctor was not ready to listen to my side of the story. He just asked me to open my mouth and after a few seconds, he told me that I have to come twice for the cavity filling. While examining for just a few seconds he used the instruments so badly that the toothache became worse and soon it started to bleed.
On the next appointment despite my request, I waited for 20 minutes. When the anaesthetic doctor numbed my gums, the other dentist doctor started the procedure. It was really painful and I told him that my gums were not numbed properly. But the doctor never gave it a dam to my voice and all screams. It was torturous. Despite numbing my gums more, the doctor started to behave aggressively and was very rude as well. He was torturing me by giving me too much pain. The pain was out of control and I was trying to tell him again and again and he was not giving it a shot. He completed the whole procedure and asked me to come after two days.
During those two days, the pain was terrible and I got a horrible infection. My gums were swallowed and I was not able to eat anything and at one stage was not even able to open my mouth. In the meantime, I tried to get an appointment in advance but they refused to give me an appointment. However, I waited for two days and went on the given time after taking a half-day off from my job. When I reached the place, I came to know that the doctor was not available on that day and that I had to revisit on the next day. They never called me to inform about the cancellation of the appointment. I requested them to ask another dentist on their panel to check me as the pain was unbearable and it was not possible for me to take off from my job. Unfortunately, they didn’t listen to me.
The next day, as I went again and saw the dentist, he was showing me tantrums and was putting blame on me that due to my carelessness I got the infection. He treated me in the same torturing way and prescribed anti-biotics. That experience became a nightmare for me and I decided not to visit them again at any cost.

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