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I was not even given the refund as ‘that would be against the policies’.

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08 September 2019

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Buying stuff is not a big deal for those who are rich. Neither is maintenance because there is always an option of getting anything new if the previous one gets spoiled. This is not the case for people like me who had to save up for years to fulfil the goal of owning a car. The moment I received the keys for my new Audi, I promised myself to take care of it with all my heart and soul. I decided it was smart to be precautious and decided to get my car protected by getting my car wrapped in paint protection film. (I strongly abide by the proverb – Better safe than sorry).
I started looking up for reputed and prolific shops to get the job done. I did not want to compromise at all and so I took my time to research. After reading the reviews of all the places, I decided to go to Luxe Auto Spa. The website seemed neat and part of was convinced to go there. I called the place to get an idea about the quality of the products and an estimate of the price range but there was no answer from the other end.
I went to their place the very next day with my car. The employees there did not seem to care much about a potential customer and thus I stood there, waiting until a man was kind enough to approach me and ask me about my requirement.
I explained to the guy how I want to get my new car wrapped totally in paint protection film to save it from all types of harmful substances and conditions. I was assured by the guy that a custom-made wrap would be prepared especially for my car and how it would be of the best quality. The man sounded so convincing that I believed him then and there and went home carefreely. I did not even think about the enormous amount that I was being charged for the services.
After a long wait of two weeks, I was finally called by the shop to come and collect my car. I can not even tell how happy and excited I was that day. I reached the place before the stated time and from far away, spotted my car. As I went closer and took a better look at the car, that’s when I lost every shred of joy.
I could not believe my eyes. Beneath the torn and unproperly fitted wrap was the paint of my new car which was all scratched. When I asked about how it happened, no suitable explanation was provided to me.
My point is that if you want to get your new car spoiled even before using it, go ahead and run to Luxe Auto Spa because that is what the people working there are experts at.
I would not recommend anyone to go to that place as they do not care about literally anything else except their own pockets.

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