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Lubbock Plastic Surgery Institute stole my money!

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10 September 2019

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I got liposuction almost a year ago (upper / lower abdominals and flanks). I noticed pretty early that my flanks were still too fat and there was more fat on one side than the other. There was also fat/fluid in the groin and my abdominals were not as flat as they should have been. I contacted the hospital about my concerns and they called me in for a visit. The doctor removed the fluid from the groin and examined the areas in which he had operated. I went home and waited for more results since I perceived that the swelling takes time. I then sent a message to his secretary to make sure that the fat was removed from the flanks because I did not see any difference. I also reported more pockets in the groin area and the abdominals/flanks still had too much fat.
I visited the doctor who decided to undergo the operation again but told me that I would have to wait at least six months. So I made an appointment for liposuction corrected on the first Friday of March 2018. I made an appointment in December 2018. A week before the date of the operation, his secretary called me to inform that I had to reprogram the operation and also had to pay $ 800 more. At first, he told me there would be no extra charge. He said “I know you have paid a lot of money and I want you to be happy with the results”, so the work had to be redone for free.
I told the secretary that I would not pay the extra amount. Besides paying extra, I also had to take time off from work, make re-arrangements for someone to be able to arrange round-trip transportation and rented room for me, since, I had to come from Richmond, Virginia. Also, I sent an email to the doctor and complaint him of informing me only a week before the surgery that my operation has been postponed, and that I also had to pay about $800 more. I shouldn’t have had paid for a procedure that should have been done correctly the first time.
The doctor responded to my e-mail and informed me that I could come back for the operation at no extra cost. So, I asked him when could I come again, but he has been ignoring me ever since. As I was no longer trusting that doctor, I asked the hospital to refund me a portion of my dollars spent on the surgery, so that I could arrange the operation elsewhere “correctly”. They did not answer me. So, I decided to file a complaint about his faulty work and unprofessional staff.
I need to have my plastic surgery done again as soon as possible. Their advertisements tell you to pay just $ 99 and buy one area for free, and when I got there, I ended up with $ 5,400. It was a lot of money for me that I paid to this con Institute. Now, I want my money back at any cost and I want to highlight their misconduct to all.

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