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Love Your Pets steals consumer credit card information- the same thing happened to me as the consumer above who filed a report. They emailed me on 7/10/08 to state they had shipped the item first class and I never received it, 2 weeks later. I went to the USPS website and was surprised to see clearly that they had misrepresented the shipping times- by 3x the days. According to Loveyourpets first class mail takes anywhere from 4-14 days to arrive. This is a complete lie. USPS states that first class mail takes 1-3 days. This, along with the obviously unanswered emails- and lack of phone number on the website- made me immediately realize that this was a scam that I had been duped into. Over a dog tag. So pathetic. Why not just jesus figurines or perhaps prayer shawls- or donations to a fake animal donation fund? It’s all the same. They’ve stolen my credit card information and I have reported them to Mastercard and the attorney general for the state I live in. If you’re reading this I hope you this terrible thievery. These people need to be stopped!


  1. Armand Alferez May 26, 2020
  2. Chery Ewig May 26, 2020

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