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They have lunatics there

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14 September 2019

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Your grin is the first thing that attracts everyone towards you. What if your smile becomes less attractive? Or what if cavity attacks your teeth and becomes the reason for the loss of the company around you? You will not be able to bear it or even the thought might scare you. It is not a matter of status or complex that you must have an attractive grin to make friends but it is a matter of hygiene that you should be concerned about. I am concerned about my smile too. Regular checkups, mouthwash, regular brushing are a part of my life. My office moved to a new place and I had been facing a lot of problems while traveling so I had to move to Los Gatos, California too. It was about time that I have a dental checkup and my Invisalign treatment was also in the process so I decided to go to Los Gatos Dental Group for the purpose. It was near to my residence so I was ready to bear any other problems. And those bastards gave me all the problems they could. Creating problems for appointments is like their habit. Around five people were there standing in a queue for an appointment and I was the sixth. After two hours I got an appointment after a week. I was there on time but the dentist was unavailable. I waited for at least 40 minutes and till then two other patients also came and went yelling that Los Gatos Dental Group has the worst customer service and the dentists are habitual of not coming on time. I had not paid till the time I was treated so I did not know what the fucking bastards were up to. Finally, I was called by the doctor. I started telling him about the situation I have. He was least bothered about my medical history. Without any concerns regarding the treatment I was already having, he started doing his job. He just listened to the term Invisalign and went on with the treatment. I had been having the treatment for two months and my previous dentist advised two more visits. And he started to act like it was my first visit. It was my luck that I was able to stop him from injecting any anesthetic. He was going to replace my Invisalign with some braces because according to him ‘they are a scam’.
Lack of training, unprofessionalism is a habit of the staff at Los Gatos Dental Group. After coming home, I searched about them and seems like it is just their blog that says good about them and nobody else. The dentists are quite rude to the patients. Not only a rude tone is their problem but irresponsible attitude is also a problem. They have no concerns about your problems. They will not listen to you. All they need is money. Once you pay them, you will be a stranger to them and their treatment will be like animals.

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