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Boring as hell

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date published
14 September 2019

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Ava Scott

Excitement is significant as it unites individuals and is a decent path for the whole family to bond. I had worked very hard lately and I wanted a day off and go out with my family to a nice and fun recreational spot. I looked for some places in my area on the internet and found out about Lone Star Park. Lone Star does not have a wide range of assortment to offer. The basic level is general confirmation with open seating outside and snack bar nourishment. This is the lowest priced package that they offer. The snack bar has very stinky and stale food. The ingredients they use are expired and the food tastes like poison. The second package is a Move up to box seats with indoor seating. This area is even worse than the first one because it is very small and suffocating with no proper windows and doors. The third level is a move up to the so-called suits which are in a very bad condition. The silk dining room is an abhor able sight. Its ceiling is dirty and the dining hall overall is not cleaned properly. They offer a buffet which is full of leftover food collected from here and there. I got sick after eating their food and kept throwing up all night. The horse racing section was a mess as well. Lines for making a bet were out of order. It was very crowded and the lack of staff could not accommodate all the clients. There were very few betting windows open and available. I had to wait twenty minutes in line to make a bet and I missed a race because of that. When I was trying to make a bet the machines kept screwing up and wasted a lot more of my time. The big screen was turned off most of the time and I wasn’t able to see the track which was a big hurdle. They seem to be obsessed with country vibes. Country music is played all the time and every little thing is based on the pattern of the Countryside. The bathrooms were very dirty with almost no toilet paper. The bathroom floor was slippery and filled with splashes of water everywhere. Ticket prices are just too expensive. I paid for a VIP ticket and sat on the front row and still, I was unable to see the whole action. There are very few seats that are around the stage and the clearer version of the action can only be seen if you get tickets of those seats which is a huge turnoff. The show is about 2 hours and 30 minutes long with 30 minutes intermission which makes it very boring and exhausting. They don’t offer any concession, refund or instalments. All they care about is money. They just want to get the most money out of your pocket.
If you are bored it is better to stay at home and watch TV than to spend money and waste time on this useless place. Stay away as much as you can.

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