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Just wondering if anyone else out there has had a website built by www.logosensation.com.au as I hired them to build a simple website for my mobile mechanic business and am having lots of issues with them. Firstly they told me they custom design their websites but when they sent the design to me I could see they had used the same template as one of their other clients they had built, just changed pictures and words. So I decided to proceed ahead as I needed a website, they could not put my pictures in properly or copy content into the correct pages, this was a simple 5 page website, so I am not sure why they found it so difficult. When I tried calling them and asking them to speak with the designer they said the designer was not available and I must email them all the queries, the email responses I received back was very bad broken English, so I expect they outsource their website to India even though they claim they do everything here in Australia. When the website was finally finished it takes a very long to load up and when you send emails through the contact form I never receive it and it does not load up properly on mobile devices, it has just been a night mare using Logo Sensation. For anyone else out there that is looking at using Logo Sensation I would advise do your homework first as I wish I did not use them as after signing up I did some browsing online and found lots of negative reviews online about them, so I wish I never used them.


  1. Georgette Ronning May 26, 2020
  2. Gidget Remo May 26, 2020
  3. Theresia Harrod May 26, 2020

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