Log barn 1912/sausage, gifts & jared products

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Log barn 1912/sausage, gifts & jared products | False advertising

This is what the log barn 1912 states right on their web pages (these are cut and copied from their web pages)1)Log Barn 1912 is a return to the pioneer spirit that built our great nation, of which strives to provide healthy and nostalgic experience. Fresh foods and handmade gifts are available through our rural and urban Log Barn 1912???? 2)Log Barn 1912 meat products are all natural; containing no fillers, added fat, or flavours. A delicious blend of spices and the finest quality of meat culminate to form an unforgettable taste experience. Voted World’s Best Sausage, the Log Barn 1912 sausage is a favourite for all occasions.3)Need the perfect gift? We have handmade gifts created for your visual pleasure infused with charm and style! Nothing is fresh there? how can it be fresh it has to be picked and trucked to Calgary! picking and boxing takes a min of two days trucking another day, so it really is not fresh fruit even when in season let alone out of season. How are bottled and canned preserves fresh? fresh sausage? notice there is no ingredient labels to confirm there claims in statement #2 . of course there are fillers in sausage! what is in all sausage? meat and fillers . sausage needs to be shipped as well and stocked in a feezer or refrigerator what can you honestly believe that they are trucking what you buy every day? the expire labels are stickers and can and hav been changed in the past. I looked up worlds best sausage and their claim to any awards for worlds best is a flat out lie. If they had an award would they note post a link for reviews? there is no award the main ingredients in mennonite sausage is pork, a ton of salt and pepper brown sugars and or NITRATE! and of course water injection for weight. not a healthy choice as they claim “selling healthy foods” in their web page . notice the trick words in the sentences they are simply selling candy (sugar), sausage, relabeled food products purchased at another retail out let slapped with their own labels see the truth about them doing this relabeling scam look up Alfred Isaac owner of the log barn food co. fined $8000 for relabelling food products.or running their business without license or permit to sell anything in Calgary cut and paste this link to see the proof from the health board.http://www.calgaryhealthregion.ca/publichealth/envhealth/inspection_orders/Orders_Food/2007/Inactive/Log_Barn_Food_Company_2525_36_St_NE_Calgary_November_30_2007_I.pdfthe gifts shown in their online catalog are mass produced you can go by the wooden bikes and various other items from winners in the deerfoot outlet store as well all the other items are availible around town too. unreal these people have the nerve to make such outlandish lies and claim to be taking back their heritage? more like taking your hard earned money with lies.go see their site and you will see these items are availible everywhere for less. what a scam this log barn is…

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