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24 September 2019

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LightRx isn’t what they advertise, and I know this from my negative experience with the company.
Although I wanted a different look, I visited the LightRx to know of their offers to clients. The treatments as advertised aren’t performed by professionals and it puts doubt in my mind to have anything to do with LightRx.
Physicians don’t advise clients on their procedures and I wasn’t pleased to hear of the difficult procedures performed at the clinic. I inquired for a quote on the tightening of the skin and the ridiculous price didn’t encourage me to spend my money here.
I observed other clients waiting in turn and didn’t see a receptionist or other personnel at the front desk to assist clients on the information of the company and in detail of the procedures at the clinic.
The prices mentioned on their advertisements are way lower than the prices they actually charge you. They will add different kinds of fees and tell you that you will have to undergo ‘all the recommended procedures’. I think that’s way over the line and it shows just how terrible these guys are.
My consultation wasn’t informative, and I didn’t feel comfortable with unfriendly staff members. They pressured me to buy products I didn’t need.
At the consultation, they didn’t give me a quote of procedures and it showed me that they have no interest to a customer.
Package deals aren’t cheaper and not worth my money spent at LightRx.
There’s isn’t anything from LightRx that made my visit relaxed and calm from the consultation. The personnel didn’t find the need to make my visit pleasant. Everything I wanted from the company I didn’t get it or see it.
I don’t believe in broken promises and vague conversations and that’s what I received from this clinic. There’s no priority on customer’s service and no good package deals on procedures offered at LightRx.
I don’t advise clients to have procedures for looking younger or for tightening the skin. You won’t get your money’s worth and won’t enjoy the difficult procedure.
Doctors perform procedures with unprofessional assistance from other staff members. I don’t see professionalism in that manner.
I didn’t get excellent service and didn’t appreciate the bad attitude of staff toward me. People aren’t respectful toward customers and don’t give a damn toward customers.
I observed the harsh tones and laziness of staff members sitting at their desks. They were unwilling to assist customers in package deals and in appointments. I won’t recommend LighRx to friends, families or anyone in need of facial procedures. There’s no quality in the materials and equipment used for procedures. The overpriced procedures aren’t successful, and I won’t go back there again.
These treatments are shady and of no value to customers. Prices aren’t clear on advertisements and at the clinic. You should not go to this clinic due to their false advertisements and poor quality. Don’t fool yourself by big advertisements of companies. Customer’s care and service is a priority in all companies.

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