LG refrigerator

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LG refrigerator | 3 yr old fridge not working

I bought a new LG refrigerator 3 yrs ago, along with an extended warranty for a further 2 yrs. ontop of the mfg. warranty. It was delivered early July 2009. After being away for a few days, I came home to find that the fridge was not working at all. Needless to say, I had to throw out a lot of perishables. Upon calling Leon’s customer service I was advised that the warranty had ran out and that Leon’s could not accept responsiblity for the repairs. The extended warranty had only ran out approximately 3 weeks prior to the fridge dying!! I spoke to a manager named Sandy, and she told me that Leon’s could not accept responsibility tof the repairs…almost sounded like they all had a sheet that they read off of.I have made numerous purchases from Leon’s over the years that they have been in business, but I will never buy from them again. Customer service is not available to those who buy top end appliances that stop working a few weeks after the extended warranty that they have bought, runs out!!

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