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Leons Furniture | Extended warranty

Hello: I would like to tell everyone the terrible sevice i recieved from LEONS FURNITURE, Ottawa store, on a television i purchased less than 3 years ogo.. When this tv was purchased (approx. $ 2500. ) i was advised by the salesman, that i should take out the extended warranty, even though the tv was under warranty, i decided to be safe and signed up for the extended warranty. Approx. 2 1/2 years after the purchase the LAMP in the tv started to burn out, i informed LEONS, where i purched the tv, and after a week or two, they informed me that yes, i was covered for the part that was burning out ( which by the way costs about $500. ). but the problem is that the sevice men who work for LEONS would not make the trip to my home, because i lived about 60kl. away, and no one will come, because they do no get mileage. I asked their Ottawa office what to do about getting my tv fixed, since i signed up for the extended warranty, they told me i had to get an independant service person, and bill them. I had to get a SEARS repairman (who lived about 50 kl.away) to come to my home, which took another 2 weeks, before the repair was done, and had to pay him mileage, finally my tv is fixed, no thanks to LEONS lazy service men. I then sent the repair bill to LEONS, and after 2 more calls, on when i will get my money back, i finally got paid… What i want to know from LEONS is why did you sell me an extended warranty if you had intention of honoring it.. I hope this letter gets to LEONS head office, if not can someone tell me how and who to send this to … THANK YOUMonika Sammon

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