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Legacy Inmate Communications Review

Legacy Inmate Communications

I was driving on 94 East to go to Money Tree in that area of San Diego. Out of thin air my Vehicle over heated and had to pull over on the free way. Toke the exit College Ave to Boradway and stop at the first Gas Station I seen. To make a short story short, got help from passer by and he follow me the nearest gas station to where I could get water, but to find out to be my Radiator had a leak. So I call my wife to let her know what have happen from a pay phone at the gas station. First I dial directed but each time the operator disconnected me. So I try collect call and around two time the operator disconnected me. Try for the last time and was connected to my wife, but was inform on how much the collect call cost when I arrive home, plus the cost of the Collect Call was not posted on the pay phone or any other info pertaining to a Collect Call. Wife did not inform she had to put this collect call on her credit card. Until I made it home. If this information was known I would have never made the collect call. Total of $31.03 she had to charge. To me this is a scam, plus I have never hear of Lagacy Long Distance Collect Call in connection with Global Tel Link or inform that this company toke over AT&T long distance duties on Collect Call.


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