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Ruined my case horribly

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22 September 2019

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When one is in trouble for something and need a lawyer, the person usually seeks help from the best in the business or at least tries to. Due to back-to-back losses, I almost had no money and because of this, I was being able to pay the debts to some of my creditors. No matter how much I pleaded to them for some time, they refused to budge. I was being threatened that if I did not clear my debt soon, they would take legal action against me. In the end, I had no choice but to buckle up for trouble. I also needed to hire a lawyer with whatever money I had left. I did not know much about the profession or the people associated with it. I searched online as well as seeking advice from some colleagues. The name that was suggested both online as well as offline was Gita B. Kapoor. I decided to take my case to her and request her to represent me in court if the need arises.
I scheduled an appointment and went to meet her. I had to wait for an hour in her office before I was called into her chamber. I went in and sat down and explained my whole case to her. After I had laid out all the details, she told me to repeat it all as she wasn’t listening. I had to repeat and the very first thing she said was that I would need to clear 3/4th of the payment in advance. I was so desperately in need of representation that I agreed. I paid the agreed amount and I was assured of the fact that I am being represented by one of the top lawyers available.
I was slapped with a case by one of my creditors and the very first thing I did was send the files over to Gita. After a few days, I called her to know whether she had made a strategy or not. I was surprised to know that she had not even seen the files that I had sent her as she was ‘busy with other things’. I begged her to take a look and think of a solution. Days passed and the days for the first trial came.
She told me to go directly to the court where she promised to meet me. I kept waiting but there was no sign of her. The trial started and I looked guilty in front of the court for not even being able to come with a lawyer. She entered late and because of this, the date of the next trial was preponed to a closer date. When I complained about this, she refused to accept her mistake and told me that she would not represent me anymore. I was refunded back half of the money I had paid. I was left in a difficult situation because of the mere fact that she fired herself as my attorney.
My advice is that if you are ever in trouble and the name of Gita B. Kapoor arises in your mind, do not even think of going to her office for she will leave you stranded in the middle without any options.

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